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What is Tender Evolution?

Tender Evolution is a holistic practice for an integrated body and a full life. Megan Peterson created Tender Evolution out of a passion for helping people to:

♡ feel vibrant in their body and to be able to move in the ways that support their needs

♡ feel connected and supported through challenging experiences

♡ cultivate porous hearts that can both give and receive. 

Megan is an Oregon native who has also put down roots in California, Mexico, Argentina and Kenya at different times in her life. From a very young age, Megan has always been a lover of the outdoors. When she’s not working, Megan is often exploring The Gorge or The Oregon Coast, trail running, or camping. Being in nature, both in stillness and in motion, was a catalyst for Megan toward her work as a Yoga Therapist and a Doula.  

Megan is passionate about supporting people through the experiences in life that ask us to expand, grow, and evolve. She believes in offering support to people when they are making transitions, growing out of patterns, and seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. Megan uses movement and mindfulness in a trauma-informed environment to meet people where they are and create space for their individual exploration. 

Through her own life experience, Megan has learned that The Tender Way is the most sustainable. Megan’s work is a way to explore and express all parts of ourselves, as she holds space for it all, the light and the dark. She supports people in their journey to connect to areas of their body that may feel vulnerable, disconnected, or simply need tending to. 

Megan is trained, certified, and professional. But most importantly, she is curious, courageous, playful, and kind.

Education & Training

C- IAYT Yoga Therapist

BA International Studies of Latin America, Portland State University

Somatic Experiencing - Beginning Level One (In process of completing the SEP certification)

Seahorses & Unicorns: Supporting Trans, Genderqueer and Gender Nonconforming Clients with Trystan Reese

Trauma Center - Trauma Sensitive Yoga as a Pathway to Anti-Oppressive Practice 

Pelvic Floor Yoga with Leslie Howard 

NeuroMeditation Institute Yoga Intensive 

Katy Bowman Pregnancy Retreat 

Yoga Therapy Professional Training with Sarahjoy Marsh and Jay Gregory

Postpartum Yoga Continuing Education with Shana Celnicker-Chong

Mindfulness, Joy & Compassion Retreat with Dan Siegel, Kristin Neff, Rick Hanson & Shauna Shapiro 

Prenatal Yoga Training with Shana Celnicker-Chong

Opening to Love Retreat with Caverlry Morgan 

Mother Tree Doula Training 

Doug Keller Yoga Therapy Intensive 

Street Yoga Trauma Informed Certification 

Corepower Yoga Teacher Training